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                     PRODUCT RECALL

                                                         RECALL STARTING DATE : October 7th 2022


Dear customers, we have detected an organoleptic alteration on one of our products: a potential modification of taste and smell (similar to vinegar) making the product unfit for human consumption.

As a precaution, we have decided to recall the following batch:

Product name


Product Brand


Bar Code

3583787609163 et 3583787609217

Batch (Lot) concerned


Best Before Date (Expiry date)


Where can I find the lot number and expiration date?






The concerned batches have been withdrawn from the market, however some of these products could have been sold before this withdrawal was active, more precisely between 08/12/2022 and 09/30/2022 inclusive.

If you have bought and still have a product from this lot, please do not consume it and bring it back to the store of your choice to get reimbursed (even if the product is already open or partially consumed)

For more information, we kindly invite you to contact our Customer Service Center that will answer all your questions

riga@decathlon.lv or +371 25783960

Decathlon Nutrition team thanks you for your understanding and apologizes for the inconvenience caused.


This document must be posted until April 7, 2023


Date launched: 12/12/2022

If you have purchased the following product:

ROCKRIDER XC 500S MTB (Model code: 8614814).

You are concerned by this following information.

Our quality teams have identified a fault with the MANITOU MACHETE 120mm fork, that could lead to a fork failing. Following our tests, we believe that there is a risk that the plunger could break during normal use. We do not wish to take any risks with our users.

We ask you to stop using this product 

We ask you to return to the Decathlon Workshop in your nearest Decathlon Store and we will repair the fork, at no cost to you.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the product may be unavailable for use for several days. Please be aware that everything will be done to keep these delays to an absolute minimum.

We advise you to consult directly with the workshop of your usual Decathlon store to have an estimate of the repair time.

Our Customer Relations Centre (CRC) is available to answer all your questions by email riga@decathlon.lv

DECATHLON thanks you for your understanding and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Clément Doby, Sport Leader Rockrider

Decathlon SE,  4 bd de Mons BP 299 - 59665 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex - RCS Lille Métropole 306 138 900

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