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MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room



MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room

16 Atsauksmes
14 no 16 lietotājiem iesaka šo produktu
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
  • MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
MSH Living Room Inflatable Tent: adjustable living room
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4.3/5 16 vērtējumi
14 no 16 lietotājiem iesaka šo produktu
Not even 12 months old and discontinued!!!
Gregg (Lielbritānija)
We bought an msh room 3 tent from decathlon in 2015 to pitch at f1 races, bought it specifically because we could add a living room extension at a later date, to give us more space, now, only 10months later, all discontinued!!! VERY POOR FROM DECATHLON AND QUECHUA! I now have to go and buy a larger tent, my old one is now useless, I WILL NOT be buying from decathlon or quechua this time!


Thank you for your feedback on the Quechua MSH Living room tent. It is with regret that we no longer supply this product to accompany your tent. I will feed your comments back to the product manager for the category.

Thanks for getting in touch
Chris Allen UK Market Manager DECATHLON
Gregg not found this answer helpful
Brilliant as an Archery event shelter
Elaine (Lielbritānija)
This is a fantastic product, every event we go to people comment on how great it is and where can they get one from. I cannot believe they have stopped making them, they would be more popular than the base second as people say they are ok for one or two people to use at events but the MSH is a far better size and they like that it's inflatable. Who wants to be bothered with poles. We stumbled across this product online purely by accident and until we started taking it to competition other people had never seen or heard of it. There is a big market out in the archery world for this product. Quechua are missing a great opportunity here
Very upset the MSH system has been discontinued
Warren (Lielbritānija)
I bought a MSH 3 inflatable tent which was excellent for the price paid . Super strong and comfortable very easy to pitch . I wanted to add the living room and get a connector so I had a

versatile system. It is not good from Quenchua and Decathlon to discontinue this system as alot of people are wanting to compleate their systems . ? V sad customer
Thank you for sharing your feedback concerning the MSH products.
I have already forwarded your feedback to our product manager in France.
If you are not satisfied you can return the product to your closest store for an exchange or a refund.
Kind regards,
Reka Engel Angyal UK Market Manager Mountain sports DECATHLON
Warren found this answer helpful
I'm enloved with air tents technology
josh (Lielbritānija) Izmanto šo produktu kopš 2-8 nedēļas
I hpe and believe Quechua will make next model compatible with this model connectos/extensions.
modularity and air tech
Tony (Lielbritānija)
This is a fantastic piece of kit! I was lucky enough to get one of the last 5 in the UK (according to Decathlon). And I am so glad I did!
We use it as extra living space alongside out camper. The arched sided fit perfectly.
It is just so simple to put up and for the first time there were no arguments with my wife when setting up (there was hardly time to start one before the job was done!!!)
It is very versatile as we had the choice of which sides we wanted open depending on wind direction.
It held its own in pretty strong winds too with only 4 pegs when other tents were blown down and broken!
Inside it has handy pockets, hooks and a cargo net on the ceiling for storing items.
All in all a very good, quality product!
The packing up also couldn't be easier, let the air out, fold it up, put it in the bag, job done!
I just hope the rumours of this not being produced anymore are not true as this is an amazing product, in fact I'd say it is without doubt the best awning/tent I have bought. So many of my friends who were camping with us were asking where to get one!

Like previous comments, these are unheard of, no advertisements, it's a shame for such a great quality item I only found out about it by searching for a Base seconds!
The highlight of a genius modular system
H (Lielbritānija) Izmanto šo produktu kopš 2-8 nedēļas
I am writing this review in the hope that Quechua will reverse their decision to discontinue this 'My Second Home' modular tent system. Presumably they didn't sell well- after having used this Living Room module and the matching Bedroom 3, I can only imagine that it didn't sell due to a lack of awareness and marketing. I searched extensively for a awning/tent to complement my camping van without the faff of attaching to the van but without lots of guy lines preventing the van parking up close or to be stuck with one size and shape of tent. This serves as a great van awning but is a great living area and gazebo-like in it's own right. The pitching is wonderfully simple- roll out, 4 pegs, 2 air beams and voila, you have a sturdy weatherproof structure. 4 poles for the canopies on each side and that's the icing on the cake. The modular nature means that you can just use the living room for a day trip or you can add on bedrooms as you see fit. They can be arranged in many different orientations providing flexibility. The built quality and materials seem top notch.
The recent sale of this tent and the bedroom module has resulted in almost complete unavailability of this system. The tragedy here is that the line is apparently discontinued. I have seen lots of reviews and 'wanted' adverts online all over Europe from people who own this system for other accessories, in particular the 'Connector' module which increases the functionality of the system even more. Now that the system is in many people's hands, I would not be surprised if they were willing to pay retail price for extra modules- I certainly would!
However, no tent is perfect and there are two downsides I would like to mention. Firstly, the Living Room is very tall and coupled with the canopies on each side, makes a large sail in strong winds. Although new, I can tell by the quality and build that the tent will withstand strong winds as long as it is pegged in well enough but there being only 4 pegging points, one needs very secure pegging for complete peace of mind. The supplied pegs are not fit for this purpose, all of them bent on first use in strong winds and the tent almost went flying. However, poor included tent pegs is certainly not a problem unique to this tent. The second downside is not so much with the Living Room but with the whole system. Although wonderfully flexible and easy to put together, once you go beyond 1 living room and 1 bedroom, things suddenly get very bulky. Even in my van, if I have family on board, 1 living room and 2 bedroom modules will suddenly leave little space for other camping paraphernalia.
I have wondered whether the bulk of an ever expanding collection of modules also contributed to the downfall of this MSH line but considering the demand for the Connector module, I suspect not. Quechua, please don't be discouraged. You're onto something here and there are many who would love to see this line revived or at least replaced with backward compatible!
Fantastic quality, VERY easy and quick to pitch
Poor supplied pegs, discontinued- WHY???
Brilliant for campervan extra space
Ruth (Lielbritānija) Izmanto šo produktu kopš 2-8 nedēļas
Perfect for erecting right next to campervan as the hoods over each of the doorways provides a sort of porch over side sliding doors of van. Versatile for additional sleeping if you get a MLS room and/connector, or for deciding which door to use as entry/exit with best views! Pity I hear they might discontinue but may introduce the 'illumin' version? I have electric 2-stage pump and set my max psi to 7 which seemed about right. No one at Decathlon could tell me the correct psi which is vital whether manual or electric pumping as tent's optimal performance is dependent on this.
Easy And quick to erect, light, airy, versatile
Unclear what psi to use, unavailable accessories
Epic System With So Many Uses.
Ian (Lielbritānija) Izmanto šo produktu kopš 2-8 nedēļas
As a competitive archer I'll turn up at a shoot to see rows of Base Seconds but if there are two of you, your kit and maybe a cool box then the Base is a bit tight on space. So when I saw the MSH while reluctantly looking online for a Base Second, I bought the MSH instead. There is easily room for 4 people and if there's another MSH you have yourself your own Archers Hobbit community! If you stay overnight you even have somewhere to sleep that you can put away in the morning.

But then when you want to go away with the family for a few days, you don't have to buy a bigger tent for the family camping holiday. And the independent teenager can even have their own bedroom! There must be something to be said for the ability to buy a tent that can be used for more than a weekend, overnight, week and even a sporting event.

So it's really annoying when you've found something that is better than the Outwell you bought last year which is too big for so many things (even the car!), to find out that you found it just when it seems to be disappearing. I wish so much that I had found this 1 or 2 years back!

Come on Quechua, keep it going in a different colour or just keep making it as it is, it's fantastic! I'm even so impressed with this bit of kit I have already convinced two other people to buy it in a week.
Big enough for 4 people and their kit to sit in
They don't seem to want to make it anymore
Top bit of kit
Steve (Lielbritānija) Izmanto šo produktu kopš 2-8 nedēļas
We bought this as a awning for our camper, it's possibly the best awning we've ever had, easy to put up, 15 mins from opening the bag to the final peg going in, in high winds it didn't move and kept the rain out. Decathlon must be mad not to continue this product. I cannot recommend this enough 10/10
I cannot fault this, fantastic !
MSH Living room & side tent
Kevin (Lielbritānija) Izmanto šo produktu kopš 1 nedēļa vai mazāk
Grab yourself a bargain. Being sold at half price both Living Room & Tent which can be used separately or connected to the Livingroom as a Tent & Porch door. Great quality, really easy to put up and take down. Now searching the internet for the 'Connect unit' as will buy another Living room & Tent to give us even more options if all the family come camping..... Buy it before they sell remaining stock, you won't be disappointed I promise
Stunning can't believe they are discontinuing it
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