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Men’s neoprene semi-dry SCD diving suit 500 7 mm for cold water



Men’s neoprene semi-dry SCD diving suit 500 7 mm for cold water

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This semi-dry suit was developed by our team of advanced divers and is perfect for intermediate divers in cold water (10°C to 18°C).

7 mm neoprene semi-dry scuba diving suit for women with hood to keep you warm even in cold waters.


Thermal insulation

7 mm neoprene semi-dry suit.
Neoprene thermospan on the chest and plush.

Easy dressing

One-piece with separate hood.
Zips on the ankles and wrists.


Double smooth and zipped cuffs (when turned up).
T-ZIP watertight back zip.

Freedom of movement

Pre-shaped cut on the arms and legs, arch for easier movements.


Printed reinforcements on the knees (Supratex) and print on the shoulders.



Details of thermal insulation

The suit is made from 7 mm stretch neoprene panels (with production tolerance).
Thermospan on the chest and back + Plush (nylon loops) on the shoulders to increase the feeling of warmth
Supratex on the knees for increased resistance to friction
Stretch over the rest of the diving suit
Smooth Glideskin cuffs at the ends of the sleeves and on the neck: the smooth part is to ensure it sticks to the skin and limits the inflow and circulation of water.

Watertight zip and diving suit assembly

The Tizip back zip is fully watertight. You are advised to lubricate regularly with silicone grease to lengthen the zip’s lifespan and to make the diving suit easier to close. The seams of the suit and hood are waterproof, with a glued and blind-stitched (GBS) assembly: the neoprene is glued first of all, then sewn for maximum strength (the sewing needle does not go completely through the neoprene in order to prevent water infiltration).

Freedom of movement

One-piece with separate hood. Stretch neoprene side panels (very soft and stretchy neoprene) to adapt to fit different body shapes and suit various physiques.
No underarm seams for easier arm movements. Pre-shaped cut on the arms and legs, with back arch for easier movements.


A separate 7 mm thick neoprene hood, with plush loop interior, that fits flat against the face with a preformed chin. The central grey band is made of stretch neoprene to best adapt to the shape of the head.
Air Expulse system: a system to evacuate air bubbles trapped in the hood. It features a snap hook to attach it to the right thigh of the suit.

Getting the suit on and off

Double cuffs with zips on the arms and legs for maximum comfort when putting on. The elongated pull cord makes it easier to close the back zip.

Reinforcements to reduce wear

Ergonomic reinforcements on the knees (Supratex) and reinforcement panels on the shoulders. These reinforcements limit the effects of friction related to the environment or the material. The interior seams are ended with patches to make them stronger. The GBS seams are made of nylon thread rather than polyester for greater resistance to wear. Grippy print at the wrist to prevent the dive computer from turning.

Thermal performance class

This scuba diving suit provides thermal protection that has been tested by the independent INPP institute (Marseille, France) in order to validate its compliance with the current standard (EN 14225-1:2017).

CLASS B certified diving suit.
A (+7 °C/+12 °C/+45 °F/+54 °F)
B (+10 °C/+18 °C/+50 °F/+64 °F)
C (+16 °C/+24 °C/+61 °F/+75 °F)
D (+22 °C/+30 °C/+72 °F/+86 °F).

What is a semi-dry suit?

The semi-dry suit works on the same principle as a wetsuit, except that the TiZIP concept back zip is watertight. The cuffs prevent water from circulating. They are in fact clothes with low water circulation! The water is not renewed, which means there is less energy loss. Even if the body is wet, the main advantage of this diving suit is that is keeps you warm when diving.

How to use a semi-dry suit

Put a little lukewarm water (with the aid of a Thermos flask) into your semi-dry suit before diving. This will reduce the squeeze effect: under the effects of pressure during the descent, air trapped in the suit from when it was put on gets compressed and can crush the neoprene, creating folds and leading to pinching of the skin. Remember to regularly lubricate the waterproof zip with a non-fatty silicone lubricant.

Tips on how to get into a diving suit

Put your foot in a plastic bag. Then, slip your foot into your diving suit. Your entire foot comes out without snagging! To adjust, ask someone to blow into your sleeve from the wrist. The incoming air inflates the interior of the neoprene diving suit, immediately separating it from your skin. You can then easily proceed with the final adjustments.

Tips on how to take care of your diving suit

1) Soak the inside and the outside of the diving suit in clean water after each session.
2) Clean with an antibacterial solution.
3) Rinse thoroughly in clean water.
4) Dry on a wide hanger in a dark and well ventilated place. Caution: the sun will cause the colours of the textile parts of the diving suit to fade and speeds up the ageing process of the neoprene.
Zips can be cleaned with a toothbrush and lubricated with silicone grease.


5/5 2 reviews
2 of 2 people recommends this product
No brainer, buy buy buy
Eugene (Ireland) Used for 1 week or less
This is a very well made suit. A comfortable snug fit with little or no water ingress. My previous semi-dry was the Aqualung Iceland and this is every bit as good, if not better (time will tell). It has a Tizip shoulder entry zip that is waterproof. I've only snorkeled in it so far in cold 8C water for 40 mins and I was very warm by the end. I am totally confident this will be warm and snug when scuba diving, Flexible where needed especially in the knees. There's plenty of "bang for buck" with this suit at this price. It's a no brainer.
Excellent semi-dry
Andrew (United Kingdom) Used for 2 to 8 weeks Verified purchase What is a "Verified purchase"?

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A truly brilliant semi-dry suit.. used in 20 degrees for long sessions.. really warm.. i normally wear a large but needed an extra large in this suit. plenty of give for bending etc.. good thing about it also is there is no sudden rush of water filling the suit like a wetsuit.
Warm, good fit, excellent seals, good movement
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