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Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
  • Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
  • Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
  • Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
  • Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2



Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2

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14 reviews
7 of 14 people recommends this product
  • Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
  • Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
  • Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
  • Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
Gaiters Supertrack 500 V2
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Designed for beaters on big game drives. Also suitable for hunting small game in woodland.


Wild vegetation resistance

Tear and abrasion resistant components.


Waterproof water repellent fabric: water slides off without penetrating


With the top and ankle elastic band, it stays in place at all times


Adjustable cable and strap to suit the shape of your shoe.



Polyester 600 denier main material with Aramid reinforcement (fabric used to make bulletproof vests).


3.1/5 14 reviews
7 of 14 people recommends this product
для ребёнка
Василий (Russia)
качество хорошее, но подойдут только ребёнку, очень,очень,очень маленькие. плохо это,надо указывать размер в описании
Response of the brand

Василий, добрый день. Спасибо за оставленный Вами отзыв. Мне действительно очень жаль, что Вы столкнулись с подобными сложностями в использовании охотничьей экипировки Solognac. Мы учтем ваши пожелания касательно размера, от себя могу Вам посоветовать обратить внимание на гетры из отдела походов. Данные гетры Вы можете обменять или оформить возврат в любом ближайшем магазине Декатлон. Надеюсь, что это досадное происшествие не оттолкнет Вас в будущем от продукции Solognac и Декатлон в целом. До новых встреч!

С уважением,

Павел Рыбянец

лидер направления охота и рыбалка в Декатлон Россия


Sarah (United Kingdom) Used for More than 2 years
I've used these gaiters for years and they've held up to continual abuse - walking through all sorts of trash cover, getting stuck in brambles ad gorse, etc. I've stood in running water and still been dry. I re-proof them occasionally and they're still perfect.
Excellent item
Nick (United Kingdom) Used for More than 2 years
I’ve had these for about 8/9 years now and they’ve had some serious abuse, brambles, gorse, bracken, heather they’ve been soaked thru and still hold up to the abuse, the stainless wire stirrup is far better than any other that breaks under hard wear
A great product, shame they do not fit!!
Chris (United Kingdom) Used for 1 week or less
I've been looking for a good set of gaiters for a long time and in these Solognac I thought I had found them. The gaiters are tough, well made, and a good quality but they do not fit! I can zip up the sides but then couldn't get the bottom strap buckled. If I buckled the bottom strap I couldn't get the gaiter zipped up over my Karrimor walking boots. And, this was in the front room at home, if you had to put them on outdoors when wet & muddy you wouldn't have a prayer. Sadly this one size fit gaiter is far too small for an average guy like myself, 5'10", size 10 boots, and average calf muscle size. Come on Solognas give us gaiters that fit and stop us using inferior products. I emailed Decathlon highlighting the problems, with pictures, but just got the standard return email and no response to the issues I've raised. The gaiters have been returned, sadly, for a full refund in due course.
Response of the brand

Hi Sir,

Thanks for the review about the Supertrack gaiters. I understand the fitting problem. We designed a new pair of gaiters, a bit less resistant as this one, but in big size, Crosshunt 500 gaiters. You should be satisfied by this one. You can go to your Decathlon store and ask for an exchange.

All the best

Florent Morey Chef de Produit Solognac

Waterproof & well made
Padraig (Ireland) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
These gaiters are super. Have used them for 2 weeks now and they have kept my legs bone dry. I can see how if you had bigger or smaller calves than average, these probably wouldn't fit. I don't think the poor reviews reflect the quality of the gaiters, but just the fact that they don't fit some people.
Маленькие, на ногу ребенка
Павел (Russia) Used for 1 week or less
Гетры очень маленькие, невозможно застегнуть молнию. Зря потратил деньги и время
Simon (United Kingdom) Used for 1 week or less
A great product if only it would fit. I would say I am on the larger size range but one size does not fit all, which is a shame because the gaiters look and feel really good quality. But they are far too tight around the top of my calls.
Response of the brand
Hi, sorry that the gaiters are not suitable for you. I will pass on your comments to our production team in France, hopefully we can get the sizing changed.
Thanks for your feedback.

Very small fitting
T (United Kingdom) Used for 1 week or less
Well made however if you have normal size calf’s for someone walking a lot these won’t fit. I was limited for time as they arrived the day before I needed them so had to put in a panel to make them wider fitting. Needed 2 inch panel
Good gaiters
Steve (United Kingdom) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Good tough gaiters, holding up really well to some quite serious abuse when beating.
Хороший продукт
Сергей (Russia) Used for 1 week or less
Я купил эти гетры для ходовой охоты. Использовал их только один раз и остался доволен. Хотя есть одно замечание, крючок не дотягивается до переднего края шнуровки. В остальном все OK, поэтому четыре звёзды.
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